Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lower Back Star Tattoo Designs for Women

Star tattoo designs are an ever popular favorite. They can be integrated into many designs and even by themselves are beautiful and meaningful. They are loved for their reference to the sky and all that we dream of as we get lost among the billions of stars blinking at us. The pentagram is an icon that has been in use for many years in various religious aspects. Depending upon the orientation of the star it may have different meanings. The nautical star is a symbol of guidance stemming from the times of nautical exploration. Nanogram stars, or nine pointed stars symbolize stability. Star tattoos can be large or small, simple or ornate.

Tattoos that depict stars in their many different types have always been popular and will continue to be. Stars are a representational symbol for many different things. People love to get tattoos that have meaning. Though star tattoo designs can be purely decorative, many people choose them for their meaning. Pentagrams, or five pointed stars, have meaning for many religious groups both Christian and otherwise. Orientation of the star can be with the single point either up or down. Both directions have meaning for faiths of all kinds.

The nautical star is a five pointed star where each point is striped with a dark half and a light half. It is often associated with water based armed forces. It is also popular in star tattoo designs because of its original meanings, that of guidance for the future or guidance of a sea going vessel. Celestial navigation is part of its meaning and can also represent a person’s desire to return home safely. Nautical stars are the most popular of all star tattoos. They can be integrated into other patterns and designs, or stand alone. They are often placed near the hands, on the wrist or lower arm, when they are meant to represent guidance.

Other forms of star tattoo designs include stars with differing numbers of points. The Star of David has six points and is sometimes used in tattoo designs. Eight pointed stars are more often represented as a sun than a star, but either way is also popular designs. The nine pointed star, or nanogram, is often associated with Norse mythology as representative of the nine worlds. Nine pointed stars are unique designs that can also represent stability or achievement. Star designs come in many contexts like shooting or falling stars as well.