Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tips For Buying Leather Lingerie

What happens when you combine the sexiness of lingerie with the super sex appeal of leather? The answer is that you get a super unbelievably sexy lingerie set. Leather lingerie is smoking hot and can be surprisingly comfortable. Since this will be an important purchase, let’s discuss tips for buying leather lingerie, how to buy the pieces that best suit your body and also how to maintain and wash this unique lingerie material. Don’t miss out on what leather lingerie can offer you, as this is one piece that your significant other will be thanking you for wearing, for years to come.

Leather Lingerie

Leather is certainly not just for jackets, boots and belts. Genuine leather is a wonderful option for lingerie material. You can find just about any type of lingerie in this materials, including corsets, teddies, bustiers, thongs, g-strings, bras, garter belts and babydolls.

Part of the process of owning leather lingerie is understanding how to care for it. This is a bit of an investment and most certainly not a disposable lingerie outfit. With the proper care, your leather lingerie can last quite a long time. Some of the most important tips to keep in mind is that if it becomes wet, you will want to allow it to dry at room temperature. When you are not wearing it, it should be kept on wide wooden or padded hangers; you will not want to expose the leather to hot or damp conditions for any extended amount of time. You’ll also want to keep it out of direct sunlight.

When it comes time to clean your leather lingerie, you will want to test on a small area first to make sure that the cleaner does not distort the color. Be sure to use professional leather cleaner and never use normal laundry detergent.

Sexy Leather Lingerie

One of the most important tips of buying leather lingerie is size. While many fabrics offer the benefit of stretching and conforming to your body, this is not so with leather. You will want to make sure that you have a good fit. If you go a size too small, the leather is not going to stretch out for you and if you go a size too big, the leather will not shrink (not without distorting the overall shape, that is). For this reason, measuring yourself is very important. Polling has shown that many women wear the wrong sized bra. This is most likely due to a woman knowing her size and then assuming that it is not going to change over the years. In actuality, bra size can vary quite a bit as a woman ages and any weight loss or gains will usually show in the chest first. To be safe, do measure yourself first, and go with the numbers that you see and not the ones that you wish you saw.

Leather lingerie is not reserved for the model thin. Women of any size can look alluring and sexy in leather. The key is to feel comfortable. If you go too much out of your comfort zone, you will not be able to focus on enjoying your new outfit. If you have an ample bust, do choose lingerie that offers support. If you are self conscious about your legs, you can always opt for a matching robe to cover up a bit. One of the most helpful tips in buying leather lingerie is that is you are a bit hesitant, you should go with black and if you have no reservations, go wild with red, purple or any other vivid, sexy color.